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Who We Are

Joyride Express Car Wash is a locally owned business that is committed to providing our customers with a fast and reasonably priced car washing experience all while offering the absolute best in customer service.

Water Conservation

Our equipment is the best in the industry and is designed to conserve and re-claim as much water as possible. Washing your car at home can use over 10 times as much water as a commercial wash. Car wash facilities use use between 20 and 40 gallons per car. A wash that recycles water can use as little as 8 gallons. Compare that to nearly 100 gallons used in 10 minutes when washing a car at home. This is just one reason to let our state of the art machines do the work to get your vehicle shiny and dry in 3 minutes.

Home Wash gal/car60%
JoyRide Wash gal/car32%